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Hello. I am Sheri Braaksma, one of the founders of SBSC Ventures. I have over 30 years of experience in bookkeeping and credit management, and I hold a CCP Designation.

Before founding SBSC, I gained a wealth of experience working in the automotive and manufacturing industries as well as high tech firms. When I moved back to Chilliwack 10 years ago, I took a chance and decided to start out on my own.

I am blessed to have found a career I love, clients that I truly care about, and joy in learning something new every day. There is an emotional component that is not often considered when it comes to a client's finances. Problems relating to cash flow, staffing, or a downturn in revenue can be very distressing for business owners. Something as simple as dropping by and chatting regularly with my clients helps me better understand what issues they are facing, what is blocking them from success, and how I can help them work through it. While we still process all those financial transactions, it is not what our main focus is. We want to give all of our clients a personal experience. Whether we talk about the weather or the latest trend in marketing, I want to sit and listen to you. I get the chance to learn and the client receives a listening ear.

When I am not sitting in front of my computer, I like to relax on the front lawn, enjoying the views of the eastern hillsides. I am blessed to be able to spend the day crunching numbers with this view. I prefer to watch the golfers versus golfing myself—who knew golfing could be so entertaining? Everyone knows it is a quarter end when the sound of steaming milk is heard all through the day. I am passionate about shopping local, supporting small businesses, and giving back to my community through volunteering.

I thoroughly enjoy visiting my clients regularly, celebrating their successes, and listening to them vent their frustrations. I found a fulfilling career and my hope for everyone is that they find a job the helps them bounce out of bed in the morning.

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What our clients are saying.

"From our first meeting you have believed in our company and have taken it on as if it’s your own. Your advice, organization and constant drive to make us better has greatly contributed to our business success. Thank you so much, Sheri and team, for propelling our shop to the next level."

Anton & Kathy Van Herk, Tech Alliance Repair Service